Employee Meals


Save Time & Get Delicious Meals Delivered

How convenient would it be to have fresh, delicious meals ready to eat at work every day? At Fresh Fit Foods, we will deliver meals to businesses with 10 or more orders. No need to deal with the traffic to run out to get something or skipping lunch because you’re too busy.

This is a great perk for companies to provide employees or employees can form a group and set it up for themselves.

We offer corporate meal plans with savings based on the number employees. For more information, contact Chad at or call us at 239.595.2503.



Save time and avoid the hectic traffic during the lunch hour rush.


Get nutritious meals that are fresh and taste great.


Spend less than eating out & choose from a variety of menus.


Avoid the heat sudden thundershowers.

Delicious. Delivered.

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