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  • What Are The Delivery Days?

    - Delivery days depend on where you live. Generally we deliver to Naples and Bonita Springs on Sunday and Tuesday. We deliver to Fort Myers and Estero on Monday and Wednesday.

  • How Many Meals Will I Be Receiving?

    – You will be receiving as few as 4 or as many as 8 fully prepared meals per week depending on the plan you choose. All pricing/billing is weekly, so we can get you started anytime!

  • How Do I Get Started?

    – Sign-up for a 1-week trial NOW. Simply fill out the information and we will reach out to you to confirm the details of your order shortly after you sign up.

  • Can I Join The Meal Plan Mid-Month?

    – Yes! You can start with a meal plan anytime! We will get you started with delivery or pickup as early as the following week.

  • Where And When Do I Pickup My Meals?

    – We have a variety of options for you! Food can either be picked up at one of our pick-up locations in Naples, Estero and Fort Myers OR if you live in our delivery zone we can simply deliver to your home or office 2x per week for a small additional fee. Email us directly at for any specific delivery questions.

  • Do I Pick And Choose The Meals That I Want?

    – No. The menu is a set cycle menu. With that being said we do ALWAYS offer substitution meals that can be requested in place of any meal at any time as long as we receive the request by Friday for the upcoming week.

    Our substitution meals include:

    Mixed greens salad w/ lemon chicken and balsamic vinaigrette

    Grilled lemon herb chicken breast w/ rice and veggies

    Roasted BBQ chicken thighs w/ green beans and sweet potato

    Seared turkey burger w/ redskin potatoes and veggies

    Seared salmon w/ rice and broccoli

    Garlic roasted shrimp w/ rice and veggies

    Email us at for any sub meal request

  • What If I Need To Suspend Or Cancel My Meal Delivery?

    – Simply email us at before the upcoming weeks delivery and we will be more than happy to adjust your account accordingly.