Family meal plans in Naples, Fort Myers area

Family meal plans make dinner easy

Fresh Fit Foods’ family meal plans provide delicious dinners packed with nutrition to help your busy family maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Planning and preparing meals can be very time-consuming. It’s hard to come up with a variety of recipes the entire family will like and then find the time to shop for all the ingredients. Then there’s the prep work, cooking and cleaning up the mess.

After a long day, the idea of cooking sounds exhausting. It can be tempting to choose fast food because it’s so convenient. Most Americans eat fast food 1-3 times a week.

Fast food usually isn’t the best for your health or your wallet. It is estimated that in the course of an adult American’s life, they will spend around $70,500 on fast food.

Family meal plans prepared and delivered in Naples and Fort Myers, FL

However, there is an option that provides healthy food and convenience. The food is even delivered to you. And it’s probably more cost effective than you think, especially when you consider how much is spent on fast food.

Family Meal Plans delivered to you

At Fresh Fit Foods we deliver prepared meals that are made with fresh local ingredients by our talented chefs. The dishes are under 550 calories and gluten free. There are a variety of menus to fit your lifestyle. Whether you are veganpaleo or have an older family member that would enjoy the senior meal plan, there’s something for everyone.

The family meal plans make it easy. Just heat and enjoy a tasty meal with your family. Clean-up is so easy, you can even get the kids to do it.

If you are interested in getting delicious, fresh prepared family meals delivered to your door, sign up now. In addition to dinner, there are lunch options and plans for individuals as well as families. Check out the variety of foods on our menus.