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Healthy eating is a top new year resolution

Many people are setting goals or making resolutions to better themselves in 2020, and healthy eating may be the key to reaching many of those goals.

Healthy eating can help you lose weight, get fit and improve your health — all common new year resolutions. Healthy eating habits can also help improve your mind and your mood. When you are healthier, you feel better. When you feel better, you often gain confidence and feel happier.

If healthy eating has all these great benefits, though, why does it seem so difficult to do? Many of us make resolutions to eat healthy but we can’t seem to stick with it. We want to lose weight and improve our health but keeping a new year’s resolution isn’t easy.

Here are a few tips that can help you make — and keep — a new year’s resolution to eat healthy.

Tips for healthy eating

Start with low-hanging fruit

Yes, the pun is intended! Start by incorporating more of the fruits and vegetables you enjoy into your daily meals and snacks. Replace unhealthy sweets with sweet tasting fruits. This is an easy way to start slow if you don’t want to jump right into a change in your diet.

Pay attention to what you eat

You don’t have to become an expert but take the time to learn a little about the foods you eat. Sometimes all it takes is thinking about what you are eating to help you make better choices. Pay attention to what is in the food you buy. Simply reading the labels on food will help you learn what to choose. Avoid or limit sugar, grains, trans fats, highly processed foods, high carb foods and other unhealthy foods.

Make it easy & convenient

Make eating healthy as easy as choosing fast food. If you opt for a candy bar because it’s easier to pick up and eat on the go, make sure you have granola bars, an apple, or other healthy snack handy. Take lunches to work so you avoid fast food, or at least start making healthier choices when you order off the menu.

If healthy eating is your goal for 2020, there’s a simple and affordable way to help you reach that goal. At Fresh Fit Foods, we provide fresh, healthy and delicious meals that you can have delivered. There’s no prep work. You just enjoy the lunches and/or dinners. We have a variety of meal plans to enjoy. You can check out our meal plans and our menus on our website.