Watermelon is a good summer food for kids

Healthy summer foods for kids

Finding healthy summer foods for kids to enjoy while they’re on break from school can be difficult. Busy parents often need something that’s quick and easy that their kids will like.

It’s important to keep kids healthy and hydrated.

Here are 5 healthy summer foods for kids:



Since watermelon mainly consists of water, it’s a great snack for keeping kids hydrated. Couple watermelon with other fruits – such as cherries, strawberries, peaches, and plums – to incorporate more variety.

Girl eating watermelon, healthy summer foods for kids

2. Frozen fruit pops or ice cream

Consider making your own fruit pops. Simply pour fruit juice into molds, put a stick in them, and place them in the freezer.  If you want to give them ice cream, opt for the ‘light’ alternatives or frozen yogurt that will be a cool treat but healthier than regular ice cream.

3. Tortilla wraps

Wraps are the perfect summer food because they can be eaten on the go. Fill the wraps with loads of stamina foods such as mushrooms, spinach, beans, low-fat cheese, and chicken to fuel kids throughout the day.

4. Cucumber boats

Cucumbers are also high in water content. To create this fun snack, scoop out a cucumber and fill it with your own mix of fruit and vegetables. You can add a little peanut butter or cream cheese to hold the fruit and vegetables. It can be fun to let kids make their own.

5. Veggie pizza

Use a whole wheat tortilla, pita, or flatbread. Spread on a little cream cheese and then let your kids create funny face pizzas with a variety of fruits vegetables. You can use fruits as well.

You can also cut tortillas or flatbread into shapes and let kids decorate them with fruits or vegetables. You can put peanut butter between the slices to make a sandwich.

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