Three people eating at a restaurant

Eat healthy & take precautions

With recent events, you might find yourself more concerned about your health than usual. We want you to know your health is important to us, too.

Afterall, your health is the principle Fresh Fit Foods is built on. We make fresh, healthy meals available at affordable prices. We make it convenient for busy individuals and families to have great tasting meals they know are good for them.

When we develop our menus, we think about the health value of every ingredient. In addition, we have strict protocols we follow when we prepare the meals. Your health is at the forefront of our minds.

You may be paying extra attention to your health with the recent news about COVID-19, or the Coronavirus. It’s a good idea to take precautions, especially if you are at higher risk, but don’t panic. You can stay current on the virus by following the Florida Department of Health updates.

We are keeping a close eye on the situation and we have taken extra steps to be proactive in protecting your health. We take great care and pride in our food prep standards to ensure the best quality meals. We follow strict protocols every day and have taken extra precautions, including:

  1. Stocking up on all detergents and commercial grade sanitizers
  2. Equipping all delivery vans with disinfectant wipes and Clorox
  3. Having drivers wear gloves during deliveries
  4. Staying current on the situation, being aware of symptoms and following CDC hand-washing protocols 
  5. None of our employees OR their families have traveled recently

Many of the guidelines we follow are good practice for you, too. Make sure you have plenty of disinfectant available and use it often. Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently.

If you want to avoid crowded areas and restaurants, consider having Fresh Fit Foods deliver you fresh, healthy meals. We offer a variety of menus, including vegan, paleo and senior meal plans. You can view our menus and our meal plans at