Senior meal plans help seniors stay active and independent and enjoy activities such as walking the beach in the Naples, Fort Myers, FL area

Senior meal plans offer great taste, nutrition & convenience

Healthy eating is even more important as we get older but preparing great tasting nutrient-rich meals can be difficult. Our senior meal plans make it easy by doing all the work for you.

The meals are nutritious, flavorful and come ready to eat.

Older adults can improve their health and independence by understanding the relationship between the aging process and their diet. Age-related changes in physiology, metabolism, and daily activities changes the nutritional requirements.

senior meal plans include meatloaf and mashed sweet potatoes

Many people over the age of 65 are either under- or over-nourished.

Not only do dietary needs change but also as people age, they may be less physically active or may have less interest in food. These changes can occur so gradually that they may not notice them while they are happening. The changes can result from illnesses or accidents, genetic patterns, or social, psychological and economic factors.

Getting the right balance of nutrition is important. Poor nutrition is associated with many chronic diseases of aging but a diet rich in specific nutrients can help seniors reduce the chances of illness, injury or other problems.

The menu offers a wide variety of meals, including comfort food. The senior meal plans include foods such as meatloaf, pot roast, barbecue chicken and beef stroganoff. There’s also citrus crusted salmon, chicken marsala, sautéed shrimp and gnocchi bolognese.

Senior meal plans are convenient

All meals are delivered to you already prepared, they just have to be heated. We deliver in the Naples and Fort Myers, FL area.

Our senior meal plan is specifically designed for seniors 60+. All of the meals are gluten-free and made from scratch with fresh ingredients.

If you are concerned about getting the right nutrition, a Fresh Fit Foods senior meal plan may be the answer. Many people don’t like cooking for just one or two people and they find it difficult to find healthy recipes they like. Whether you are an active adult who doesn’t want to take the time to cook or someone who just doesn’t enjoy cooking, the plan makes it easy.

With our variety, there’s something to please everyone. There are substitutions available if there are foods you don’t like.

The meals are more affordable than you think. When you consider the cost of maintaining your health, buying ingredients or eating out, you will probably find you save money.

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