Senior meal plans help seniors stay active and independent and enjoy activities such as walking the beach in the Naples, Fort Myers, FL area

Senior meal plans offer great taste, nutrition & convenience

Healthy eating is even more important as we get older but preparing great tasting nutrient-rich meals can be difficult. Our senior meal plans make it easy by doing all the work for you. The meals are nutritious, flavorful and come ready to eat. Older adults can improve their health and ...
Gluten Free Meals Delivered, image shows examples

Gluten-free meals delivered for your convenience

Finding gluten-free meals from a restaurant isn’t always easy and it can be time-consuming to prepare healthy meals at home. But, Fresh Fit Foods makes it easy with gluten-free meals delivered to you. All dishes are prepared from scratch with fresh, local ingredients. There are nearly 50 gluten-free dishes under ...
Paleo Meals

Paleo meals are more than just a diet plan

A paleo diet is based on food humans ate during the Paleolithic era. Think of foods our hunter-gather ancestors ate about 10,000 years ago such as unprocessed lean meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. The caveman or stone-age diet, other names for the paleo diet, is high in protein ...
Bowl of Quinoa

Vegan diets offer many health benefits

Vegan dishes aren’t easy to find in many of the local restaurants. However, preparing meals at home isn’t easy either. It takes a little extra brain power and shopping savvy to prepare a wide variety of delicious vegan meals. You have to prepare ahead of time and may need to ...
healthy eating workplace

Healthy eating in the workplace provides many benefits

As people begin returning to work after weeks at home, it’s important to remember to focus on your health, including healthy eating. It is easy to slip back into a work routine. But, now is the time to change bad habits, especially ones that can impact your health. We need ...
Meal Delivery Services Estero, FL. Boost your immune system with these foods

Boost your immune system with these foods

Now is a good time to boost your immune system by eating healthy. Although it is always important to do all you can to be healthy, it is even more essential now. Building a strong immune system and improving your health helps reduce your risk of illness. Certain foods can ...
Three people eating at a restaurant

Eat healthy & take precautions

With recent events, you might find yourself more concerned about your health than usual. We want you to know your health is important to us, too. Afterall, your health is the principle Fresh Fit Foods is built on. We make fresh, healthy meals available at affordable prices. We make it convenient for ...
Meal Delivery Services Estero, FL. healthy eating at work with Fresh Fit Foods corporate meal plans

Healthy eating at work

Healthy eating at work can be a difficult task. You might not even feel you have time for lunch or you eat at your desk. Some bring their lunch but others are crunched for time and will run out and hit a drive through for some fast food. Think about ...
Meal Delivery Services Bonita Springs, FL. Healthy eating, meal delivery naples fl

Healthy eating is a top new year resolution

Many people are setting goals or making resolutions to better themselves in 2020, and healthy eating may be the key to reaching many of those goals. Healthy eating can help you lose weight, get fit and improve your health — all common new year resolutions. Healthy eating habits can also ...